A beginner starts programming a game…

Hi there!

I thought I’d post my experience in creating a video game while I do it.  Everything until the last post has been post-dated back to the time it was done, and I’ll be keeping this updated from now on as I go.

Here’s some of my background:

My programming experience.

1999 – 2001:
ADA – Object Oriented language similiar to JAVA
JAVA – No comment…
ASP – Scripting web language
2001 – 2003:
COBOL – Mostly mainframe programming lanuage. Not at all applicable for gaming. Not even remotely in a “good for learning” sort of way.
2004 – 2012:
Windows and UNIX scripting lanuages suited for automation and maintenance of various application server farms. Basically system administration stuff.

My education.

BS in Operations Management. Why management and not CIS you ask? Well, I was hoping to have some upward mobility in my career dontchaknow.

What this means is that I have been around the block when it comes to overall programming, but I’m a complete and utter NOOB when it comes to game development and .NET programming.

My gaming experience.

I wouldn’t be making a game if I didn’t love gaming. But since I have a day job and have limited time, I had to decide to table most gaming except for research purposes while doing this. I already made the decision that never again was I to slate off 4 – 6 hours two or three times a week to raid in World of Warcraft. I have to say that my life has improved dramatically so far because of this.

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