(September 22 – 25)

I zipped up all of my code, archived it, and created a new Sunburn Professional project. I decided to purchase Sunburn Professional because of the great world editor and the complete programmatic control over everything in that world editor. I may make my own one day, but I’ll probably just keep this and write plugins for it if I can’t get it to do something I want. I ported over most of my classes and modified it to work with my modified Microsoft Game State Management system. I rationalized this cost for a while and then released I officially had an expensive hobby.

I created a new Input class a new camera class with two camera styles. One for follow and one for first-person. Camera follow is going to require some collision detection algorithms so I don’t put it underneath the terrain and outside of buildings when I’m in them. I’m thinking I’ll make the camera an invisible collidable sphere and check the direction it comes from, the direction of the object it hits, and make it stay in that direction and slide it along. I wish I could use it with the Sunburn controllers but I don’t think that will work. I may go deeper into the BEPU physics engine to check it out. I was also able to get a smooth mouse-scroll zoom in and out function so it otherwise looks good and professional.

I scrapped my 3D Model terrain and created a heightmap using a free tool called World Machine Basic. I spent so many hours going through all sorts of terrain generation tools. Remember Sim City’s terrain tool with the basic pull up, push down, and spread options? That’s all I wanted man! The funny thing is that World Machine was the first one I tried, but it was incredibly complicated so I moved on to others. It ended up being the one I ended up with because I realized how powerful it is. I spent almost all of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday after work learning it without coming up for air. Later I decided that if I could do terrain generation for a living I would. I’m an odd one I guess.

I’ll model other things like ledges, big rocks, paths, and roads. If I need a big flat surface I will create a depression in the terrain and overlay a surface model on top of it or see if I can use another tool to modify the heightmap without butchering it.

I also created what’s called a splatmap (or blendmap) for this terrain which is basically a big red/green/blue overlay that goes on top of the terrain. I then opened up my paint program and modified some free textures grass, dirt, and rock textures I found on the internet. I overlaid the grass, dirt, and terrain over its respective color and voila! We have landscape!

Later on after some tweaking

I also spent some time taking pictures of various textures, of trees I want to create models for, of houses, and of the first finished scene I want to make.

Here is the first vision I want to create, sans the fence.  So we shall see how this goes!

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2 Responses to (September 22 – 25)

  1. Nice job with the heighmaps, very realistic.

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